Sati yoga

6 Day Intensive Retreat

Deep Dive in yoga: practice and theory
This program will give you an opportunity to receive essential practical and theoretical knowledge and advance yourself in your practice.
Drop in classes have its own limitation when it comes to guidance and deepening the practise.

In search for these answers many people end up enrolling to the Yoga Teacher Training Courses, even if they don't plan to become a yoga teacher.

We created this program to fill in the gap between
Yoga Teacher Training and drop-in classes.

A Deep Dive in Yoga: Practice & Theory

By the end of our program you will have:
  1. A set of tools & techniques, implemented in your practice.
  2. Understanding how to practice effectively.
  3. A set of yoga sequences to practise at home.
  4. Deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and knowledge about various yoga styles.
  5. Energised happy body and calm mind

Daily schedule

Your day will start early in the morning.

We have 2 formats:
  • half day program only till 2 pm
  • full day program - with evening asana class and breathwork

First half of the day:
  • mediation class
  • asana practice: full yoga class
  • lectures

Second half of the day:
  • asana evening practice: full yoga class
  • breathwork (pranayama), meditation session

Each day will end around sunset time.

What will you learn?

  • Knowledge about practical aspects of yoga - how to do yoga effectively.
  • Philosophy classes - what stands behind this ancient training system, what is hidden in yogic texts, yoga history, philosophy and meaning, different yoga styles.
  • Yogic lifestyle - how yoga can help you in daily life and how you can establish better and healthier practice, and how to practise yoga off the yoga mat.
  • Meditation and Breathwork. These components of yoga practice usually take only a few minutes in the regular drop in class. Here we will have special time devoted to it.
  • Actual practical asana classes aimed to bring yourself to a new level.
  • Group Q & A session with experienced teachers.


Leon V

Leon has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, meditation (Satipatthana, over 15 retreats) and since 2014 he has been living and teaching yoga on Koh Phangan. The main instructor training he took in the Kyiv studio of A.Sidersky on YOGA23 and Yoga Workout.

Sunny McGill

Sunny's classes are famous for being physically, mentally, and energetically challenging. Her vinyasa yoga classes are a fun energetic continuous flow to help you improve your strength and flexibility.

Leon and Sunny are the founders
of Sati Yoga

Program Dates

November 20 - November 25
November 27 - December 2

December 4 - December 9
December 11 - December 16
December 18 - December 23

January 2 - January 7
January 8 - January 13
January 15 - January 20
January 22 - January 27
January 29 - February 3

Prices - full day

*half day is also available. Send us a message regarding all details.
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daily practical & theory classes
vegetarian healthy breakfast
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Full Retreat Package
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daily practical & theory classes
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