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Deep Dive in Yoga: 6-day Intensive
This program will give you an opportunity to receive essential practical and theoretical knowledge and advance yourself in your practice.


November 20 - November 25
November 27 - December 2

December 4 - December 9
December 11 - December 16
December 18 - December 23

January 2 - January 7
January 8 - January 13
January 15 - January 20
January 22 - January 27
January 29 - February 3

3 day beginner Program
Interested in Yoga but do not know how to start and where to go?

What is covered in our program:
  • How to start your asana practice, main key points to consider for safe practice
  • Introduction to Yoga Styles
  • Introduction to Yoga philosophy: main requirements for the practitioner
  • Examples of daily practice for the beginner
  • Morning and evening yoga practice
  • Basic breathing techniques
  • Basic meditation techniques

Starts every Monday!

FREE: paper materials for the first month of practice

1 day yoga package
The simplest program with big potential to pump up your personal practice.
Reboot your system and start a new rhythm of your life.

What is included:
  • All yoga classes during one day, starting early morning (min 2 classes)
  • Meditation class
  • Pranayama session

Price: 1200 baht
FREE: 15-minute yoga sequence to do at home.

Yoga and Adventure Retreat
Are you on the island already or plan to come to Koh Phangan? What are you planning to do during the time of your stay? Beaches and parties, is that what you want?

If you want to spend time with something more meaningful, something that you will remember for long time - join us for our Yoga and Adventure Retreat.

We will create for you an uplifting journey, where merge recharging practice and a fun of adventure.

Mornings and evenings we practice yoga and meditation, during day time we explore the island or participate in different exciting activities, which you choose.

6 days on Koh Phangan.

200 Hour Teacher Training - April 2024
with Sunny
Discover a transformative journey that will make you energized, uplifted, connected. After passing a certification exam you will be qualified as Yoga Teacher and certified by Yoga Alliance

Sunny’s unique teaching style challenges students both physically and mentally, striking a perfect balance between hard work and enjoyable moments of fun.

  • Small Group
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • An optimal balance of theory and practice
  • Uplifting Atmosphere
  • Personal Assistance and Attention
  • Thai Culture Experience
  • Strong Yoga Philosophy Foundation
  • More Than Just A Training, It is a transformation

This training is created by Sunny McGill.
To book your spot and get more info - click a button and proceed to OmSunnyYoga Website

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